Case History

Servizi Ospedalieri

One of the leading companies in Italy for the sterilization of technical fabrics and surgical instruments.

The ICT Group has completely automated several healthcare centers, both of property of and rented to Hospital Services, providing a complete software suite that traces surgical materials and surgery instruments from dirt acceptance to the delivery of sterilized kits to the customer. The system allows not only the traceability of the material, but also a complete management of the internal operating processes by also providing, if required, a customer tracking tool that can remotely check the status of the kits required and / or sent in sterilization.

Ferrara (gestione teleria)

Teramo (gestione teleria e strumentario chirurgico)

Lucca (3 installazioni per gestione teleria e strumentario chirurgico)

Vimercate, MB (gestione strumentario chirurgico

Siena (gestione strumentario chirurgico)

Viareggio (gestione strumentario chirurgico)

Bagheria, PA presso Villa Santa Teresa (gestione strumentario chirurgico)

Roma presso Policlinico Umberto I (gestione strumentario chirurgico)

Massa presso Ospedale Apuane (gestione strumentario chirurgico)

Torino presso C.T.O. Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico (gestione strumentario chirurgico)

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