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Measures and Materials

La soluzione informatica per la Gestione di Interventi e Materiali è studiata per gestire tutte le problematiche legate agli interventi tecnici, sia relativaemnte alla manodopera che ai materiali.

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The IT solution for Interventions and Materials Management is designed to handle all technical, work-related, and material-related issues. The whole system is made in ‘java’, it is totally native web and integrated within the E.R.P. system. (Enterprise Resource Planning) called the Enterprise Governance Global solution web (EGGS). The solution is structured in multiple modules, integrated but independent:


  • Technical and material interventions
  •  Cargo warehouse “viaggiante” (carriage) in the ‘bar code’ (from warehouse seat)
  •  ‘Barcode’ warehouse warehouse load (from vendor or production)


The solution performs the basic functions of transmitting information from the “headset” (central processor) system to the handheld (a handheld terminal with its related infrared portable printer) from the “handheld” system:

  • Tour tours
  • Customer records
  •  Articles Mastery
  •  Sales quotes
  •  Sales Terms
  •  Sales Documents (a validation check is carried out in relation to ‘business rules’) from which it will automatically be billed, either in accounting or statistics
  •  Warehouse moving movements
  •  Accounting situations
  •  Cash and advance payments, from which, you will automatically go into accounting
  •  Customer Reliability
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It is usable from any location equipped with an internet browser without physical installation on clients.


Wizards and simplified interfaces (touchscreen monitor)


The tool starts from a basic version to develop on modules that adapt to the specific needs of each individual structure.


Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

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