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Pork Meat Traceability

The vertical solution to manage all the problems of companies operating in the sector of pork slaughtering.

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Our Pig Meat Traceability Solution enables the user to administer all the specific issues connected to the companies operating in the field of pig meat slaughter (public and / or municipal slaughterhouses, private slaughterhouses, slaughter cooperatives, producer consortia, …).

The system is made up of “standard” modules that can be customized on the bases of the specific needs and processes of manufacturing companies.

The basic solution modules are:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Cattles record
  • Withdrawal planning management
  • Cattles entrance management
  • Cattles entrance basic information management
  • Real time lot monitoring
  • Weight loss detection
  • Half carcass tagging
  • Lines end and orders change management
  • Necessary information for sanitary bullettins detection
  • Sectioning management
  • Stalling management
  • Daily and weekly slaughter plan setting
  • Special order creation
  • Increasing weight entrance orders
  • Charge reports creation
  • Deboning management
  • Dough management
  • Filling management
  • Freezed cattle identification
  • Storage and pallet setting manag
  • Shipment manag.
  • Filled cattles movement management
  • Seasoning warehouse management
  • Shipment products compliance verification and management.
  • Packed products shipment management
  • Fresh product shipment management
  • DDT and request certifications emissio

The bar code creates a unique link: cattle, passport data, lot” during the production process. After the shipment, the system allows to obtain for each individual cut as well as for each batch/container, information about the origin of the head (country of origin, breed, sex, latest holding company, slaughter lot, batch loting, batch packaging , ……) to the destination customer.

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It is usable from any location equipped with an internet browser without physical installation on clients.


Wizards and simplified interfaces (touchscreen monitor)


The tool starts from a basic version to develop on modules that adapt to the specific needs of each individual structure.


Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

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