Implementing and software consultancy

Our consultancy services are aimed at the optimization of the IT infrastructure in order to achieve business development goals. The services provided relate to training in the various business processes (accounting and finance, active and passive cycle, production processes, …) as well as functional consultancy services.


  • Suggestion of possible solutions and support to the customer company in the creation process of the projects.


  • Our staff members guarantee a suitable level of experience and assure the complaince to extremely high quality levels.


  • We are able to rapidly propose solutions and their conversion into operative plans.


  • Our development teams maintain a full intellectual independence and address the solution towards the unique interest of the customer.


  • Our company teams integrate specific skills through common work methodologies.


  • Privacy, reliability and integrity represent the key works that lead the efforts of our team members


The project starts with a preliminary meeting between the customer company and one of our technical manager. The purpose of this phase is to put into evidence the business issues as well as the company needs and then to define the project implementation methodology. After that, a report is presented to the client highlighting the terms of intervention (objectives, methodology, times and costs).


During the implementation phase, working groups (company and ICT-GROUP) are set up to carry out interventions and coordinate and supervise the project.

Progress states are periodically drawn up to check the outcome of the changes that have taken place and to promote the implementation process.


Throughout the life of the project, and afterwards, we can offer complete assistance to the customer.