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Asset Management

EGGSAM is a software solution that allows the management of the corporate assets and coordinate all the activities carried out on them.

Software Solution eggsfm

EGGSAM is a software solution that allows the management of the corporate assets and coordinate all the activities carried out on them.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT list of all the company assets and of all its technologic components

FACILITY MANAGEMENT management of services connected to the company assets, to persons and to asset, property and space management services

MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT management of the staff, collection and distribution of intervention requests, ordinary maintenance planning, work orders managemen


The modules allows the management of all the instrumental materials object of tender o part of the enterprise assets in terms of classification, localization, codification and fluid handling. For each asset is possible to specify a model through the use of dynamic field and highly customizables. For each regiostry can also be attached the paper documents (ex: planimetry, operative instructions..)
All the information inserted and all the eventual asset modifications are saved by the system, that provides the maintenance of an enterprise assets historical. The web interface allows the visualization and the research of the assets recorded in the system through the help of simple grids and filters and it has been studied in order to be the most intuitive possible.

The module allows the collection, fasciculation and management of all the information related to the immovable property or under management related to:
land register (immovable properties classification), uses, structural datas, installation datas, planimetry
A tree visualization shows immediately the gerarchy of the recorded assets and their position in the host structure.

The system supports the helpdesk users and the client in the opening of reporting: tracing the status changing and defined the criticality level, managing the priorities.
It is possible to setting up the resolution priority on the bases of the report criticality level. All the managing phases of ticket management and set up are traced by the system.
The functionalities available for the call center /client users are highly customizable (is the user that can decide which fields visualize and which not)

For all the ordinary maintenance activities, the system allows the planning of the activities.
The module allows:
The definition of a programmed activities plan related to immovable properties, implants or devices, indicating for each maintenance task the cyclicity, eventual check-lists, operative instructions…
The activities assignment to internal resources or to external providers with the registration of eventual estimates providers from which could be possible to generate the client estimates in which can be expected the special markup.

The module allows the management of all the work orders and the related assignment both internal resources and external providers. A special customizable dashboard allows the management of the reports, the monitoring of the status

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It is usable from any location equipped with an internet browser without physical installation on clients.


Wizards and simplified interfaces (touchscreen monitor)


The tool starts from a basic version to develop on modules that adapt to the specific needs of each individual structure.


Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

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