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The “Building Materials” Computer Solution was created for the management of all the issues related to the marketing of building materials.

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The “Building Materials” Computer Solution was created for the management of  all the issues related to the marketing of building materials.

The structure, which uses advanced programming and communication technologies, is integrated into a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) named E.G.G.S.web (Enterprise Governance Global solution.web).

The system employs a network of portable terminals, equipped with optical reader and radiofrequency, which enables operators to become aware of the activities to be carried out, and always in real time to communicate to the system the state of progress of their activities .

The system streamlines and facilitates the work of operators through a simple and effective structure that optimizes operating speed, control and information while at the same time improving service and reducing costs.

The Building Materials IT solution allows the use, depending on the final user’s goals and business issues, of different tools such as:

It is the tool that connects the physical object, the actual article, with the logical object, that is the “code” of the article; (it deletes the entry code of the computer by avoiding both waste of time and mistakes).

Is the tool that reads the barcode label on the item, allowing automatic the automatic warehouse management

Is a barcode reader connected to radio frequency at the central system with which it communicates in real time; For example, it is possible to issue a transport document directly from the warehouse.

Connected to the cash register is the tool that not only reads the barcode label on the item and allows automatic stock removal, but also allows, if connected to the cash register, to directly issue the fiscal receipt

Is the tool that prints the label when there is no barcode on the item. It also allows you to reprint a label if the original has deteriorated or detached.

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It is usable from any location equipped with an internet browser without physical installation on clients.


Wizards and simplified interfaces (touchscreen monitor)


The tool starts from a basic version to develop on modules that adapt to the specific needs of each individual structure.


Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

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