Software Solution

Management and Sterilization of Surgical Instruments

The software suite developed to manage sterilization processes and to trace surgical instruments in CSSDs.

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Software Solution sixster

SIXSTER is the software suite developed to manage sterilization processes and trace surgical instruments in sterilization plants.

This solution aims at globally supporting operators from the collection of dirty material to the delivery of sterile material to the customer, ensuring the complete traceability of materials, processes and workflow at all stages.

SIXSTER assures the maintenance of a high level of production, in compliance with all the required safety standards and is able to process the cost of production per cost center

The areas governed by the system in the sterilization plant are:

  • Identification of incoming instrument
  • Match of surgical instruments to washing trolleys
  • Record of the results of the washing process and the work parameters
  • Printing of the washing certificate
  • KIT packaging and packed material
  • Check of the correct composition of kit
  • Numerical and functional check of surgical instruments
  • Reception of clean material
  • Shipment of non-conforming instrumentation to the maintenance department or to the washing department
  • Match of kits and packed material to the autoclave
  • Validation of the autoclave load
  • Printing of the sterilization certificate
  • Automatic print of the delivery note

Optional modules can be installed within the hospital where the system can handle:

  • Customer warehouse load
  • Possible indication of material shipped as “in transit” if not yet available in the warehouse
  • Test of used instrumentation
  • Complete traceability of operations
  • Warehouse download
  • Central warehouse upload
  • Supply requests
  • Possible indication of material shipped as “in transit” if not yet available in warehouse
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It is usable from any location equipped with an internet browser without physical installation on clients.


Wizards and simplified interfaces (touchscreen monitor)


The tool starts from a basic version to develop on modules that adapt to the specific needs of each individual structure.


Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many other languages.

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